N’tus Skincare and Cosmetics is an Indigenous-owned and founded company established in 2020 by Christianne Bernard. Based out of Gesgapegiag, Qc, N’tus creates high quality hand-sanitizers and high-quality organic skincare inspired by Mi’gmaq traditional medicines.

Largely inspired by her daughter Melody, Christianne named the business in honour of her – N’tus – which translates to “my daughter” in Mi’gmaq. After years of working in systems that did not fully support the healing and rebuilding of Indigenous people she decided to follow her instincts and started a business aligned with her values as a Mi’gmaq woman. Producing safe and sustainable products, but above all, promoting balance, wellbeing and inclusion.

One of N’tus’ objectives is to help build First Nations Economies and support local businesses.

Christianne Bernard, founder and Manager

Christianne Bernard is a Mi’gmaq woman from Gesgapegiag, Quebec. She is the founder, sole proprietor and Manager of N’tus Skincare & Cosmetics which started as a micro business in May 2020.

Her educational background is in Creative Arts, Philosophy and Business. She began her career in First Nations Economic Development in 2004 as an Economic Development Officer, then worked her way to a CEO position for a Mi’gmaq Corporation in 2016.

In January 2020, with over 10 years of experience in business and management she decided to take a leap and invest in herself by starting her own business – creating a sustainable, safe and healing skincare line inspired by her traditional Mi’gmaq medicines.

N’tus Skincare & Cosmetics was also largely inspired by her daughter Melody, naming the business after her. N’tus means “my daughter” in Mi’gmaq.

With her business background and having worked on every aspect of her business start-up (conception, research and development, business plan and operations and sales), Christianne hopes to inspire and mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs.

However, her most important role is a as mother to two amazing children; Jayden her eldest son, and Melody her daughter.

Furthermore, she hopes to continue to grow and contribute to her community’s economy through creating employment and providing a work environment where her employees can flourish. Presently, she employs one full time employee (through a training program), one part time employee in Marketing, and a Mi’gmaq Graphic Designer on contract. These talented Mi’gmaq women have collaborated in helping to build N’tus Cosmetics and Skincare.

Angel Ward is a Mi’gmag woman in business who is deeply rooted to her community, the Micamcs of Gesgapegiag. She is a mother/stepmom and role model to three beautiful young Indigenous girls.

With her girls looking up to her, her priority is ensuring that the work she does is aligned with her values of sustainable development and working to help develop First Nations Communities.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick with an Honours in Accounting, has completed course work in the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) program, and has other accredited certifications in finance. She has also been a Board of Director for CANDO and AFOA.

With over eight years of consulting and management experience in the Indigenous business development field, she has successfully launched her own independent consulting firm that caters to the needs of Indigenous communities, organizations, educational institutions and Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Currently, Angel is an internal resource to N’tus as the part time Marketing Manager. She has worked with N’tus since conception and continues to help develop strategies, tools and content to ensure N’tus has an overall consistent brand image that a diverse group of youth  and women can connect with, be inspired  by and that promotes a positive self-image.


Angel Ward, Marketing Manager

Tina Caplin, Administrative Assistant

Tina Caplin is a Mi’gmaq woman and mother of three beautiful young women- two adult children and a teenager. She has dedicated most of her life to raising her family. Prior to joining the N’tus team, she was a seasonal worker for her community’s wood distribution program for about 12 years. During the time she worked with the program, she also coordinated the distribution and supervised for a period of time. Tina is no stranger to hard work and dedication.

In the Fall of 2020, she decided to change her career and pursued her life-long dream of becoming an administrative assistant. She started with N’tus Skincare and Cosmetics as a shipping and office clerk trainee, and not only did she excel in her training, but demonstrated a skill in finances, coordination and demonstrated an exceptional work ethic.

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